Armchair travelling – Malaysia in Chennai, at Newtown Cafe

Newtown Coffee House on TTK Road beckons you with its bright outdoor seating and cozy interiors, while promising fusion as well as Malaysian street food. I visited Newtown with my cousin and we were given a small table for two – a compact space which seemed like part of the wall. The first thing I noticed was the small dome shaped thing on every table – with three buttons that said “Cancel”, “Bill” and “Call”. (As an aside – I felt like a mean person, when calling for someone using a button.) :-O

Available at Newtown is a confusingly wide variety to choose from – they have soups, salads, starters, burgers, pasta, even Biriyani (!), some Malaysian fare, conventional desserts, coffee shop staples like the cold coffee and milkshakes – the menu is a book!

We started our dinner with Roti canai+veg curry and Nasi goreng (veg). I would describe these dishes as a subtly different parotta and fried rice. Very familiar flavours, yet slightly unfamiliar. For dessert, we tried the orange chocolate mud cake and an apple crumbled tart. I would not call the desserts spectacular, but they satisfied our craving for something sweet to finish our meal with.

The service at Newtown is friendly and quick (all the buttons work!). It seems to be a popular destination for those in the area and the seating serves groups both large and small. The valet parking makes your life easier too!

I am not sure what Newtown considers their strength. Their fare seems to be an odd combination of Malaysian, continental, Indian and fast food – maybe an attempt to cater to all tastes.

Where: Next to the Levi’s showroom on TTK Road

How much: Around Rs. 1000 for two

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