What am I good at?

It comes as a bit of shock when you realize you have no creative pursuits to call your own. I call this the absence of creativity and this is a state I have inhabited for a long time now. (I was going to add “much to my dismay” , but I am not entirely sure of how dismayed I am.)

There are people around me who sing wonderfully, who play an instrument (or two), who look graceful dancing, who sketch and paint beautifully, practise martial arts, play a sport, who always seem to know the answer to the question “what are your hobbies?”.

Amidst many such talented individuals, I decided to evaluate myself.
I derive great satisfaction from remembering the words to various Tamil songs (though I cannot sing, AT ALL), I enjoy spouting off trivia about movies and the people who worked on them (strictly regional – only Tamil and Hindi, I confess I have seen very few English movies), I watch every kind of American television show in my leisure time, and read whatever I can get my hands on (from Mylapore Times to Man Booker Prize winners).

Occasionally, I wonder if I should have been invested enough in at least one art form, for at least long enough to be able to state with some semblance of confidence that I understand it. However, after repeated failed attempts to learn music and dance, and days spent watching others from the sidelines, I am content to be an observer.

This is for those just like me (I need to find them, quick!).


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