The chicken will simBly never cross the road!

Every evening when I return home from work, I am given the challenging task of crossing this road in order to get to the Kasturba Nagar MRTS station:

Image It is the road behind the Madhya Kailash bus stop, where traffic from OMR takes a fast and furious exit to meet Sardar Vallabhai Patel Road. It requires a special kind of attention to be able to cross this road:

The trick lies in waiting for fellow pedestrians to assemble along the pavement, with sweat (and impatience) dripping off their bodies. Once a critical mass is reached, the army runs across the road to the bus stop. Unless you are Deepika Padukone, standing by yourself will not get you any attention. I suppose it becomes harder to ignore a group of people determined to cross the road – every vehicle to forced to slow down or at least swerve a little to avoid wounding someone.

Man waiting for others to join him, so that he can complete his walk to the other side.

Image This short obstacle race is arduous for those not quick enough, especially older people. They have to frantically wave to every bus, car and two-wheeler that whizzes by, in order to help them cross.

Can something be done about this? A painted pedestrian crossing perhaps?


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