Romance, as we learn it

If movies were to be believed, everyone is hit by lightning love in the most unlikely of places.

While running to catch the train before it pulls away, The Woman looks so lovely and fresh faced, that The Man will have no choice other than to endure the skipping of his heart beat.

Or in a crowded bus, The Man (who is our hero and hence he must hang off the foot-board) catches sight of The Woman in the same bus, with wind-swept hair.

Of course, for the rest of us normal people, we have a hard enough time finding space to stand in the bus, and the sweat sweeps our hair in eight different directions, simultaneously making it frizzy. How will the magical moment ever happen?

Let us also take a look at the single man or woman traveling by train over a long distance. In movies, it is essential that he or she shares a compartment with a person whom he or she is instantly attracted to. Also, this person turns out to be the epitome of goodness, they share excellent chemistry (evidence: romantic song in an exotic location), they are compatible beyond doubt (they complete each other’s sentences within minutes of meeting each other). Most people I know have crying babies, uncles and aunties as travel companions.

The Man’s neighbour must always be beautiful – she is most probably fighting against poverty in whatever spare time she has, and spends the rest of the time making sure she looks wonderful while doing the above (so that when The Man does begin to stalk her, it will be a pleasing visual for the audience).

Why is this love-at-first-sight the most common form of love we are shown? Nobody I know has ever loved that way! What are the odds that you will end up marrying the person who crossed the road along with you, or sat in the same mode of transit as you while they got home? I have always thought movies mirrored life in some way, for I also believe in the other adage – fact is stranger than fiction; but in all honesty, this is something I just cannot explain away!


2 thoughts on “Romance, as we learn it

  1. I know I am leaving a barrage of comments today.But certain incidents in the last 24 hours that have sent my (marital)life spiraling out of control have made me think and look back.I always thought it’s not “who” and “where” but “when”.We may meet someone who is absolutely perfect and who is madly in love with us,but if it’s not the right time it doesn’t matter anyway.
    I always believed in this and funnily enough a couple of years back when I watched the (cute) movie “Definitely Maybe” one of the characters in the movie also talks pretty much on the same lines.I still maintain that mine’s an original thought though 🙂


  2. Maybe it is a combination of who, where, when? I will not claim to explain love..poets have been trying to do so for centuries. 😀

    Thanks for reading! On another note, it’s been over a year and a half since I wrote this post, and frankly, it’s a bit embarrassing to read it again now (I usually avoid doing this).


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