I am now 24 years old. After one of the most uneventful birthdays in recent times (which included reminding a couple of my friends to wish me), I am thinking about all the different ideas that I have come to understand.

My brother (who hasn’t yet finished school) thinks I’m too old – in fact, he thinks I belong to the previous generation. Some of his reasons include: I’m almost seven years older than him, and owned a smart phone only a year before he did.

My parents think I am old, and getting older, old enough for panic to set in regarding my future. Of course, this idea quickly gets old, for there isn’t any teasing and banter involved; just more paranoia that you can’t seem to address.

My friends don’t think anything of it, most of them are separated from me by seven seas, to use a figurative term of speech, and they just got confused as to which time zone they would have to consider before wishing me.

As for me – I watched Vijay Awards and went out for dinner with my family.

I hope this is a year for a few of my wishes to come true, even though there was no blowing of candles on a cake! 🙂


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