The unremarkable life of an adult

It used to be fairly simple to find joy. The wind in my hair as I go faster than 50 kmph on the Kotturpuram bridge; the morning after incessant rains when the green of the grass is bright enough for you to notice; coming across a swing big enough for me when I go to the building my friend stays in; not having brought an umbrella and walking back home in the rain, content to get a whiff of that wonderful earthy smell; getting sand in my feet after an evening at the beach; finding shafts of sunlight escaping through the branches of that tree near my classroom; joys were simple and many.

Now? I just worry what would happen if my laptop and smart phone were to get wet in the rain, or if my hair would become unmanageably frizzy after a day out in the sun. Growing up is quite boring.


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