Honey, Sunny, and National Integration

I suppose my work place is more representative of India than most other work places in Chennai. Malayalis take over the number one spot owing to sheer number, we have an equal number of Telugu and Tamil speaking people, some North Indian girls (lack of information regarding the state they belong to), the odd Punjabi and Maharashtrian. When this motley crew is determined to have fun on a road trip, the choice of music becomes a bone of contention. Malayalis are familiar with Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi songs; everybody can sing along to Ringa Ringa Ringa Ringa, but that song lasts only five minutes. Telugu people know Telugu and Hindi songs; the pachchai Thamizhan sticks to his comfort zone, while remembering lyrics to famous Hindi songs which have been part of Antaksharis since the 1990s. There is always one group whose approval is pending regardless of whatever song is being played.

And then an agreement is reached upon. Yo Yo Honey Singh has captured the imagination of the nation. It seems as though all those present are more than happy to perform cool moves to Blue Eyes Hypnotize and scream Mausam Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny while making the requisite wave movement with one’s hands. Shocking! I did not realize Yo Yo Honey Singh had such a pan-Indian appeal. (I am also somewhat disappointed.) There is also overwhelming love for Sunny Leone and her patented Baby Doll pout.

It seems like the lone Punjabi won after all.


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