If It’s Monday It Must Be

…a blog post.

I sincerely hope no one at work spots me coming into office on a Monday morning, and sitting down to write a blog post (after catching up on each others’ weekend activities).

This weekend, I raced through the short and enjoyable book: If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai (A Conducted Tour of India) by Srinath Perur. Reading this book, I realized I hadn’t I laughed out loud while reading, in a long time! The author’s accounts of traveling with Indians in group tours across India (and in some cases across Europe and Uzbekistan) sound honest and mostly funny. He goes on a walkathon (pilgrimage) in Maharashtra, a tour of rural Madhya Pradesh, an almost freewheeling group tour with other urban yuppies in the North East, a tour set aside for “enjoyment” in Tashkent, temples and more temples in Tamil Nadu; and other such stories.

Even though this book is a travelogue, it is more an observation of fellow travelers, than the place itself. Of course most observations are not new, but it is interesting to read about what we transform into in a group, inside and outside our country. I say “interesting” for lack of a better word: It might be more apt to say “sometimes heart warming, sometimes cringe worthy, at all times Indian”. Some of the parts become a little too predictable, and we feel like we know what the author is going to come up with next. I also did not appreciate the pictures – why?? Why are the pictures tiny and grey in colour and so unclear? (Most disappointing, especially for an arm chair traveler like me.) 😀

I don’t think I ever want to go on a conducted tour – I have been on one with my family, and for the most part I learnt to pretend as though we were exploring the place on our own (small joys).


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