Circle of Life

“The Omniscient Monkey”, as Timon calls Rafiki in one of the Lion King movies, sings a song about the Circle of Life.

A little over thirty years ago, when my father started working – a fresh graduate, ambitious, hopeful and optimistic – after having donated his entire first month’s salary, proceeded to buy himself a bicycle in the subsequent month. It was the first vehicle he bought himself. Thirty years after that happened, at my first real job, after having sent everyone gifts bought with my first salary, I ended up buying myself a bicycle. Upon looking at pictures of my green beauty, my father told me of this little coincidence. I felt oddly happy, as though the bicycle made me my father’s daughter all over again.

The bicycle that was mine.
The bicycle that was mine.

On another day, there happened to be a remarkable discovery. I found out that my father and I, both shared an immense love for the song Uravugal Thodarkathai from Aval Appadithaan, a movie which released in 1978. It is almost impossible to resist a small tear in the corner of my left eye, when I hear Yesudas sing “un kangaLin oram, edharkaagavo eeram..”.

Maybe this is what I should call the Cycle of Life.


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