Too Much Information

In retrospect, I should not have asked him.

But when my younger brother returned after watching Interstellar with his friends, I could not resist: What did you understand da? Do you know what a tesseract is?

Much to my chagrin, he said yes and went on to explain: It is just a cube with infinite possibilities as it has four dimensions – time being one. Stephen Hawking has explained this.

And I asked him if he happened to hear that explanation on The Big Bang Theory (did I miss that episode?).

Giving me cause for more exasperation, he said: No I already knew. I had read about it online a long time ago.

Well, what can I say? Kids are morphing into insufferable know-it-alls. And no, I did not know what a tesseract meant.

Do you not think it is becoming increasingly embarrassing to ask someone a doubt that just popped up in your head? I worry they may think I could have looked for the answer on Google.

Enjoy this image from Wikipedia. The simplest sentence taught me that tesseract:cube::cube:square. I spent two minutes on the article in the hope that someone asks me what a tesseract is. Or maybe they will just go ahead and Google it.

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