Being in a Gautham Vasudev Menon movie

Yes, the title might have misled you just a little bit. I only wanted to write about my brunch at Amethyst – that popular cafe which features on everyone’s lists of romantic places in Chennai. I visited Amethyst a while ago with my cousin, and the first thought that came to me was, “This could be a cafe from Gautham Menon’s movies!”, and I walked around the premises to make sure he wasn’t actually there and it was I who missed him (though what would I say to him if he was indeed writing the script of his next movie while having some tea? I got a little nervous imagining this). Forgive my enthusiasm, but I am one of four people who went looking for Ode Cafe the year Vinnaithandi Varuvaya released (the other three being my friends). We did not find it, I think it was closed for renovation (my memory seems to be a bit blurry regarding this).

Moving on to the food – we had mushroom and parmesan croutes (small bites, I am somewhat partial to mushroom and hence I am going to say I liked this appetizer), cheddar-jalapeno waffles (sweet and savoury flavours in the same dish, a little baffling to me, but my cousin enjoyed it a bit more than I did), and a tomato-mushroom-olive risotto (rich, creamy, and beyond our capacity to finish a third dish). The food was fine, but I doubt anyone comes here for the food really. If it is good, it could be considered a bonus. It seems to be exactly the kind of place where you will be able to sit with a book and not have any distractions (such as a pesky brother or the title song of Vani Rani from the adjacent bedroom), or the kind of place where you want to spend an unhurried two hours with a significant other.

There is a flower shop as well (I stayed far far away from this one) and a space upstairs with clothes and accessories (it would do me well to stay far far away from this one too – I found not a single piece of clothing affordable). 😀 We did have fun watching people holding hands around tall glasses of milkshake, and eavesdropping on a conversation between a girl and her aunt regarding what kind of qualities she expects in a groom (so that said aunt can hunt for candidates), all the while sitting amidst picturesque environs right in the middle of Royapettah.


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