I am just another girl

That time of the day
When there is light and shadow
Street lamps and flashing signboards and blinding headlights
The smell of the sea in the wind
Warm and damp and cool all at once
A bit of aimless walking
With the phone in my ear
Hold on I can’t hear you 
What were you saying?
Dust in my eye
An auto slows down
A nod of the head
More walking
A pause, to cross the road
And then
Fingers on my thigh
Look up to see a man vanishing into the evening
Too quick
But long enough to see a smirk
Shocking, the action and the lack of a reaction from me
Find myself wondering
If I told someonewould they ask me what I was wearing?


2 thoughts on “I am just another girl

  1. This is powerful and thought-provoking and that last line is so profoundly poignant. Yes, they might, and that is one of the many things that is wrong in this world!


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