One more non-specific rant

There is so much content available on the internet today that I am tempted to brush it off as “rubbish”. Every week somebody comes up with a 200 word article (or listicle) on “Why X is better than Y”, two days after which somebody else comes up with a 250 word rebuttal article (or listicle) titled “Why Y is better than X and you don’t want to admit it”. Oh, I just don’t care.

In recent times, I have read more than my share of infuriating posts, covering a vast array of topics.

-Why a stay-at-home mom is better than a working mom

-Why Deepika Padukone’s Empower video is anti-feminism (or not)

-Why a South Indian makes a better best friend than a North Indian (or its reciprocal)

-Why arranged marriage is better than a love marriage

-What you need to know about arranged marriage before jumping into one

-What the earlier essay about arranged marriage missed out on

Is there no end?

Like how every software engineer returning from the USA changed the photography business one watermarked DSLR picture at a time, we now have every monkey with a computer and internet connection becoming some kind of Agony Aunt. (Wait a minute, would you include me among them too?)


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