For plot of NH10, click here.

  • Disturbing. We have violence (a lot of it) and misogynistic men (and women).
  • Hyper-reality. Can Meera’s story happen to any woman? I think yes, we would be able to accommodate a situation such as this, if we stretched reality a little bit (if we are talking about someone like me), or not at all (if we are talking about many other women whose lives are so vastly different from my own).
  • I would say you could definitely watch NH10 (unless you are like my mother and you prefer shiny movies with happy endings), but what brings the movie down a little is its attempt to tackle several issues at once. What should be a movie about a road-trip-gone-wrong is instead a movie about so many other things as well (listed below). Is this good or bad? It plays out differently from my expectations, but this very thing leaves me feeling somewhat dissatisfied. There isn’t much time left to be devoted to honour killings if you have to show Meera having her revenge. Oh, here is the list:
    • Man making decisions for which the woman has to suffer consequences
    • Inter-caste marriage and its aftermath
    • A mother willing to aid in the murder of her own daughter
    • Expendable daughters-in-law
    • Contribution of mothers towards enabling their sons become male chauvinists
    • Sexist attitudes in a workplace
    • The urban-rural divide
    • Slut-shaming of women (the repeated appearance of the word randi)
  • Speaking of “man making decisions”, I felt some annoyance, that Arjun did not think it necessary to apologize to Meera for getting them involved in this mess. It seemed out of character for him to go after them, and it was even more strange that he didn’t think it was a wrong choice on his part. I think it can be safely said we would try our best to not get caught in a situation, especially if we were on our way to a relaxing weekend in some resort.
  • Like my friend A (who has been featured earlier in the piece on Shamitabh) pointed out to me, should we be worried about our lack of survival skills? Going by NH10, driving a manual car and rock climbing must be my skills-to-learn for this year.
  • Also, we would have felt so much better if the character of Pinky’s mother was killed too. Considering everyone who didn’t treat women right died at the end of the movie (including Arjun), should the mother not die too?
  • One last question: Why did Meera try to sound sexy in Tamizh? Maybe it was meant as a joke, because everyone at Escape laughed out loud as if on cue.
  • I quite liked the colour  of the movie (is there a better way to say it?) – bleak and stark, just like its theme(s).

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