The ideal woman

They said

Adamant (and not ambitious)

Brash (and not bold)

Fast (and not friendly)

Inflexible (and not independent)

Loud (and not lively)

Stubborn (and not strong willed)

They also said

Too thin (or too fat)

Too dark (or not fair enough)

Too opinionated, they complained

A handful, they wailed

They should have instead told me:

We like our women spineless.


10 thoughts on “The ideal woman

  1. True that Anusha. I like the way you’ve succinctly captured this whole labelling business. In the end, just being who you are is what really counts. Really. I’m on the other side of the fence, so I officially swear by it 😉


  2. Really, great poem. Yes, I feel this way also. If you are a strong women who is not afraid to state her opinions and not care what the masses think even if you are different you get labeled.

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