Restaurant roundup

Now that my brother has attained freedom from schools and examinations, he (very) kindly agrees to trying out new restaurants with me. Though this means we can only try those restaurants that serve “continental”, as we like to define anything that involves bread (or pasta). He is not one for Andhra meals and parotta-kurma.

Double Roti

Double Roti is almost a misnomer – they do not serve any roti. [And then I thought – remember Avargal? One of the characters is asked, “Do you eat this dry roti everyday for breakfast?”; and by that they mean bread.] This is an American diner in Teynampet, and if you are in the mood for something greasy, unhealthy, and messy, you will not be disappointed. It is a small (and popular?) restaurant, with a wait time that easily goes up to an hour. We tried the Herb Chilli Mushroom and Potato Burger (sometimes the Sriracha stings), the Veg Mexican Wave (burger with Doritos inside), and the Popeye (yes, it has spinach), with side orders of nachos (which you will like if you are a fan of pungent Doritos), and french fries. For dessert, my brother ordered the Oreo milkshake (that comes in a flowerpot, no really), though the serving size may be more suited to three people. Double Roti is noisy, bright, fast, and friendly, and crowded – but you cannot make reservations, so it would be best to go there before 8 pm.

Jonah’s Bistro

I learnt that a bistro is defined as a small and unpretentious restaurant. While Jonah’s Bistro (in Besant Nagar) is definitely small, I am not too sure about unpretentious. We tried the Creamy Veg Stroganoff, Pasta Pesto, Pasta Trifromaggio and the Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak in Basilico Sauce. I am not a fan of panneer in anything other than an Indian gravy, which rules out the Cheese Steak for me (though my brother did enjoy it). The Stroganoff is described as European style vegetables in a cream sauce, on a bed of butter rice. The buttered rice seemed closer to Jeeraga Samba than Arborio (I am not sure if it was intended to be that way). The cream sauce for the Stroganoff and the Trifromaggio tasted similar, with the latter being heavier and almost semi-solid in texture. The Pasta Pesto was satisfactory. We ended our dinner with macarons – still cannot believe we have to pay for each tiny macaron individually. Maybe I’m better off eating Thoothukudi macaroons from a plastic packet. Jonah’s Bistro tends to get crowded too (again no reservations), but I really hope they fixed that leaking air conditioner right above table I sat.

That Madras Place

This is a small restaurant in Kasturibai Nagar, and why it is called “That Madras Place”, I will never know. (They do not serve bread omelet, and neither do they serve molaga bajji.) Starting off with a Classic Bruschetta and Virgin Mojitos, we ordered Pasta Pomodoro and Caprese Sandwich on wheat bread. The sandwich came with fries, and the pasta came with two tiny pieces of garlic bread. The portions were large enough to feed two very hungry people, and the food was surprisingly flavourful. We did not expect to like the pasta as much as we did. Usually in a tomato based sauce, you can taste Heinz (or Maggi) Ketchup, but that wasn’t the case here; and the pesto used in the sandwich was fresh too. Dessert was an Oreo Cheesecake (he is predictable that way) and a Filter Coffee Tiramisu (for me, as I dislike chocolate). The tiramisu with filter coffee seemed like an interesting dessert to order, but it looked like a brain (don’t ask me why I thought of that), and was too bitter. The bill doesn’t make you wince, the food made us happy, there is some zany wall art to help you pass your time while you wait, and the day’s specials are written with chalk on a board. (When I go here again, I wonder if the glasses in which they serve water will have that damp smell.)

Stay tuned for more updates. 😛


2 thoughts on “Restaurant roundup

  1. ohh i loved this post.. I used to live in Chennai during childhood and then came back again to do yem-bee-yay at Loyola. I can never forget the ubiquitous off-boil, omblet and gopi manjoori…and 1 by 2 soup…lolll

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