Stalkers rejoice!

Is a twenty three year old female to be referred to as woman or girl? I am twenty five, and calling myself woman seems a bit funny. In any case, this post is about something a particular twenty three year old girl told me.

At her work place, a man who looked to be in his twenties started following her wherever she went. To the canteen, just outside the building for some fresh air, to her bus stop, to the train station, everywhere. Every morning she would tell us stories pretending to be scandalized, “Guess what happened today? He came behind me and kept standing there while I bought my ticket!”

The first week, she appeared a little shaken, she saw him each time she turned around. I remember offering her help, “Do you want us to scare him away? Should we complain to someone?” And she said, “I can take care of it myself, it has happened before.” The second week, she stopped speaking of it as though it was a problem. She found it sweet that he was willing to wait (He wants to make sure I get into my bus safely) -But wait, he doesn’t even know you- She wanted to know his name. When he casually walked past her cubicle, just to look at her, she was thrilled. The third week, she constantly looked over her shoulder (expectantly), and was a little disappointed if she didn’t spot him. She stopped complaining to us about it, told us to quit bothering her, she had his name and phone number by now.

Did she hope to meet her significant other this way? Do movies romanticize stalking as a way of mirroring life? Or do girls think stalking is romantic because the probability of a heroine falling in love with the hero is almost 1 when he incessantly stalks her?


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