The week that was

Since nobody asked me for updates, here I am providing updates to the world at large. Of course, the lack of any kind of inspiration plays no small part in this exercise. If I cannot find something meaningful to write about, I might just go ahead and write about my (mostly meaningless) existence.

I changed jobs. The more number of days I show up at this work place, the logic I had worked out for this change further escapes my mind. In a couple of weeks, I will not be able to answer myself (Wait, what is that I hear? My mind seems to be echoing corporate sellout intermittently). The interesting part is, the office is so cold that I am having to bring out my fall and winter clothing. Yes, those stockings and jackets I brought back from the US. While it is 38 degrees Celsius outside, and the public is praising Amma for Amma Water, here I am, wearing two layers of clothing and wondering if it would be too much of a stretch to wear gloves at work. In other news, my blog is banned (well, all WordPress websites are banned). Therefore, as I earn more, I will be spending more to recharge my 3G mobile data every ten days.


Are women bad drivers? When I Googled this question, I came across many articles arguing that women are indeed bad drivers, apparently studies have proved this over and over, and women themselves have studied this phenomenon. I don’t drive well, I agree. I have a hard time judging how far anything is from me, causing me to brake or accelerate or swerve unnecessarily. You can find me sitting one centimeter away from the steering wheel, face exhibiting at least ten worry lines, along with stray droplets of sweat on my forehead. But then again, my homeopathy doctor (also, woman) is a champion racer (that is, she wins car races when she’s not busy being a doctor). Anyone who sees me driving a car tends to make fun of me, and during one such session, I was told a story (by a man):

Do you know what happened near St. Thomas Mount today? A girl tried to act too smart while driving her scooter. She wanted to take a left, but she was waiting at the far right of the road. She hurried to take that left and fell in a puddle of dirty water!

Haha! Serves her right! Why do girls drive so badly? And guess what, nobody went to help her. I was so happy!

Now this attitude scares me more than Chennai’s traffic.


I watched Inside Out. I hope you are not one of those people who ask, “What? You went to the theater and watched a cartoon?”. Yes, I did just that. And I cried during the movie too (pretending to remove something from my eye). Though this is not really a measure of how moving a movie was; I tend to cry even as I am registering at the back of my mind that the movie is manipulating me just so I cry. Inside Out was quite enjoyable, how did they ever think up this idea of making emotions into characters by themselves? I have now started imagining little people running inside my brain. Of late, it appears as though Anger has taken control of headquarters. 🙂


If you have read this blog post in its entirety, I sincerely thank you.


10 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. The scooter driving story sounds scary actually. No emotional connect with a human in distress is bad news. If she missed the puddle, it could be surely because the guy behind her must have been honking like crazy. Hope better sense prevails.


    1. This is part of the attitude that says, “women have it so easy all the time, we don’t need to help them as well”. I believe they are the people who think women have achieved everything they can because the MTC buses mark a column of seats just for women.

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      1. Hehehe.. they also despise the women only ticket counters at railway stations. But dont see the way, men generally push and shove us when standing in queue.

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  2. I had thus boss once who used to actually believe in ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ book in its entirety. He didn’t think there could be any other way, no exceptions, none at all. When he and my husband started talking about some directions for some place, my husband told him, ‘oh you should ask Madhu how she reads Google maps. She is ace at it, she only gives me directions when we head out somewhere new’ The expression on my boss’ face! I decided that my husband is the bestestestest that day 😀

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      1. I presents you, my infamous dialog – the one which drives my hubby nuts; ‘You should always have an arial view’. 😀 Really, that is all. You should always imagine that you are seated 20 feet above the ground and looking down at the map from various angles. (No, no stone pelting is allowed. Madhu paavam, Madhu paavam)


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