Reminiscence (with some funnel cakes)

Nan measured out the dry ingredients. Humming, smiling, concentrating; her brittle hands added them to the egg and milk mixture on the counter-top.

Warm golden brown funnel cakes served with a dusting of sugar, her house smelling of county fairs and her granddaughter’s sticky fingers.

Nan waited, and waited. Alex never came.

Image prompt:

Micro-fiction in 52 words
Micro-fiction in 52 words

Well, what did I tell you? Third place again at the Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 challenge!

3rd: WE HAVE A TIE! Obeseelephant of The Musings of an ObeseElephant with his piece To Love and Be Loved, a stunning poetic piece of understanding and acceptance. And Anusha of Some Thoughts, Many Words with her piece Reminiscence (with some funnel cakes), a story of longing after the protagonist has made the perfect batch of funnel cakes.

8 thoughts on “Reminiscence (with some funnel cakes)

  1. I love how you focused on the funnel cakes in the prompt! It was unexpected, and a brilliant way to tackle this prompt! The story you tell, too, is splendid! All the love and effort put into the perfect mixture, and then you’re left waiting. Just heartbreaking. Well done!

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