Sisters without superglue

Angry with her (for something insignificant) – wasn’t going to talk, no.

But we could play? (In silence)

Played until the ball hit the clock and glass shattered everywhere.

What’s broken can’t be fixed, but it can fix us.

Complicit in our cover-up.

Top 3 in the votes this week! Thank you to everyone who voted for me. 🙂

Prompt: “How do we fix this?”

21 thoughts on “Sisters without superglue

      1. Would love to. Is there a dedicated page or do I have to read all blogs separately. And you definitely needn’t be ashamed. Your submissions are totally worth it 🙂


      2. Oh I’m so glad you asked! This is the website:
        Every Thursday, the selected submissions are listed according to category, such as the grid seen here: People can then vote for their favourites, and on Friday the editors tell us whose work they liked the best (sometimes they don’t like anybody enough), and we get to see the results of the voting as well.


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