Lives of the uber-rich

Things I learnt from Dil Dhadakne Do:

  • Rich people look fantastic.
    • Perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect skin. Skinny and/or sculpted.
  • They have the same interpersonal issues as not-(so)-rich people.
    • But they can go on expensive holidays to sort these problems out.

Recently, after observing the people I know, I came to the following conclusion: If a girl is rich; the richer she is, the sooner she gets married. [OR] If she is not rich (at all), her parents try to get her married early too (because, what else does one do in life?) Yes, this is the sort of thing I do in my free time. Take a look at the graph I made (let’s just say I make graphs such as these in my free-free-time):


Thanks for reading! 😀




8 thoughts on “Lives of the uber-rich

    1. Well…I could tell you ‘No’…but just for fun, a quick survey reveals that 80% of people I know would respond to your question with expressions of shock and an irritated ‘Yes’. 😀


  1. Crumbs: Are you a GVM heroine? Anu says you should take that into the equation. 🙂

    Anu: “expressions of shock and an irritated Yes” ? I keep hearing this from Ally McBeal, Sex and the City girls, Bridget Jones, Random Indian Novelists, IHM commenters etc. Do people really breath down other people’s neck that much about marital status? I know that many people ask if it is horoscope trouble and I know parents will be concerned and all that. All that I understand. But do people give a irritated yes for this question? That too for 25? I never understand what I am missing. In most cases, the women around me get married around 26 or 27. And I mean the same old Chennai you live in.



    1. I don’t know what it is, but the pressure is relentless. Few examples for you: (First hand data)
      1) Relative (maybe a kind of onnu-vitta-perippa) visits us on a festival day. “Ennadhu, innum paakka aarambikkalaya?!!!!!???”
      2) Yet another relative trying to give me well meaning advice: “You must decide early on what you want to be in life. Either career oriented or family oriented. Let me tell you now itself, there is no reward in being career oriented.” (These conversations just happen, I don’t particularly need to say anything.)
      3) Every time someone (friend/family member) asks parent(s) about me… I can expect an attitude shift immediately. Curt replies, cold shoulder, etc etc. “Everyone is asking us, and why shouldn’t they? It’s not like you are still young.”
      4) Every time we get invited to the wedding of a girl who is my age or younger…nobody speaks much the rest of the day. The people who give the invitation: To me- “Don’t worry, next nee dhaan!”. To my parents- ” Don’t worry, nalladhey nadakkum.”
      5) Random people: Sunday annikku *** kovilukku poi 9 suthu suthina, unga veetla neenga nenaikkara nalla kaariyam kandippa nadakkum.
      AND SO ON.


    2. To add to Anu’s reply:

      I was a newly turned 23, then.
      Random ODC mate: So, have your parents started looking for a groom.
      Me: (Quite used to such questions by then) Not yet (I had had enough conversations by then to realize that ‘not yet’ was the safe answer and not ‘no’.)
      ROM: Oh, in your community you start late, is it? (And ask details about my caste, religion, sect, etc, etc)
      Me: Yes, yes (and tried to run out with some excuse)
      ROM: Madhu, my experience, let me tell you. You should start looking early ma, because it takes quite some time to find someone, you know? You should tell your parents, if you feel awkward, you should tell one of your friends to ‘hint’ your parents.
      Me: He, he, sure, sure. (And I did run out)

      After knowing a girl for about a week, everyone think they can question about your thoughts on your marital status. I do understand that sometimes people do not know what to talk with you and relationships or marriage seems to be the easiest thing to talk to a bachelorette. And not everyone is a pain in the neck, when you explain the current situation or express you disinterest in pursuing that topic, they do try to think of something else to talk about or hastily retreat with embarassment. But, most of the people do think that girls in their early twenties, must be planning their wedding in their mind.

      You can ‘not’ think of your wedding, if and only if:
      (A) Your family’s financial status is not in a good shape, in which case even if you want to get married, you shouldn’t think of it. It really doesn’t matter if you propose a civil wedding, you would be pelted with stones for having carnal thoughts when your family is suffering.
      (B) You have older, unmarried sisters. It doesn’t matter if your sister doesn’t want to get married, like ever. She needs to be married off before you.

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      1. Yes, too many people around me think they can offer unsolicited advice, ask intrusive questions, interfere in my life, pass judgement and give opinions. When I’m in a good mood, I try to make a joke of it and laugh it off. When they make me angry, I’m just rude in response. 😀


  2. Well I don’t know.

    I got married when I was 24. I was a working woman for approx. 1.5 before I got married. A usual conversation would go like

    Them: Apparam, Eppo Kalyaanam?
    Me: Maapillai Kedachathum.
    Them: — Sheepish look.— Nalla thaan pesureenga.
    Me: Thanks.


    Them: Maapilai eppadi irukkanum?
    Me: Nallavara Irukkanum.
    Them: Aparam?
    Me: Vera enna ellam mukkiyam?
    Them: — Sheepish look.— Nalla thaan pesureenga.
    Me: Thanks.

    I never had to speak much to earn the “Nalla thaan pesureenga” tag.

    I never had a urge to tell people exactly what I think or give specific details like saying “I am looking for a non-dowry-dude” or “I did have a ponnu paakura session and he looked like an idiot” or “–insert private thought here –“. The answer was always “Maapillai Kedachathum” not “Oru Nalla Maapillai Kedachathum” or “En manasukku pudicha maathiri Maapillai Kedachathum”.

    Most importantly, I found that they invariably looked for traces of Vekkam when the topic came about, a sort of thinly veiled starry eyed ecstasy and anticipation about how my future HEAVEN was going to be like. It always seemed to be what they looked for. It is a more intimate variation of the question, “Ajith a? Vijay a?” or a more politically correct version of “What type of guy really turns you on?”. It is also a way of asking “Do you have a boyfriend?” without saying “I am sure you have some guy stashed up somewhere.” IMO, THAT is what they come in expecting.

    Just before marrige I dreaded being asked where all we went to date and how often we were on the phone etc. After marriage, I dread Valentines day for everyone wants to know what perfect surprise I am planning for my husband (and/or) what is he giving me? Silk? Gold? Diamonds? Nope? Kekkavendiyathu thaanea? –Searching look–. I reply, but I don’t bite the bait. I know what happens next. So the juicy conversation baits are always gonna be there. They never go away.

    We have a society that is so much in love with romantic love but romantic love is actually outlawed. This starvation is showing in the form of gossip and intimate questions. If you get a lift from a guy then people want to know about his age, religion, caste and the attitude of his parents and if they may accept you or if he would be ready to elope with you. Godforbid if he was a married guy. Actors and actresses are not allowed to share a birthday cake without the whole country getting hyper about it. A Cricket World Cup is on and all eyes are on the Batsman’s Girlfriend. This is what we are like.

    It isn’t about your age. It isn’t about your marital status. I swear. There is nothing personal about these personal questions.

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