My very own Bangalore Days

Since I don’t travel much, I think I must write about the time I went to Bangalore. Wait, that’s not right. THE TIME I WENT TO BANGALORE! That’s better. This trip is monumental for two reasons: 1) I visited a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year. And 2) It marked my first (solo) inter-city bus journey in India. I’m a bit surprised too. It’s also somewhat funny because I have the kind of parents who felt completely at ease when I travelled by overnight buses in the US, but when in India, they burst a few veins if I so much as suggest doing the same. Anyway, I’m mostly calm about these things, because let’s face it, there are more important battles to be fought.

I have been to Bangalore before. Twice. The first time was a family holiday, though nobody remembers feeling relaxed during the trip. Our itinerary looked something like this:


We couldn’t check ISKCON off our list because I fell down the stairs (in the temple) and twisted my ankle. We did go to Commercial Street. After ten minutes of strolling about trying to look cool while distancing ourselves from the adults, my uncle came and asked us if we were done shopping. And that is how our trip ended.

The second time we went to Bangalore was when the entire clan descended for a family event. I didn’t see much apart from the venue and the hotel we stayed at.

Now you see why the third time is special. Well, there isn’t much to report, except we talked and walked a lot. We ate out and watched a play. But my friend, she knows me. She took me to a little shop off M.G.Road called The Bookworm. Oh I could hug this shop. It is a tiny space filled with books. Books were probably falling out of the cracks in the wall. Old, new, shiny, musty. I could spend a day just taking in the smells and textures. What’s even more amazing is the man who’s tinkering around – he’s the owner. He knows everything. Really. If you ask him for Things Fall Apart, he would tell you that he doesn’t have this book by Chinua Achebe, but he has others. If you ask him for Yukon Ho!, he would point out where exactly the Calvin and Hobbes collections were hidden.

Apparently third time really is the charm!


4 thoughts on “My very own Bangalore Days

  1. Haha. Being from Bangalore (or BengaLUru or whatever), this is probably the best post to get started with your blog. I have been going through all of them since yesterday.

    Books, movies (well, Kannada movies), limited travel, yes, that’s a definitive summary of my life. I write code though. I had a laugh thinking that it is almost as if the script was tweaked slightly and transposed to Chennai.
    Ok, if you turn up again in Bangalore, I’ll be honoured to be your bookshop guide. Let’s see… Goobe’s, Select, Blossoms, Gangarams, apart from Bookworm:)

    You write beautifully, in a measured, elegant flow. So that’s decided – I’ll be a regular here. For me it offers the solace of a kindred spirit. Cheers!

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