‘So what is Kirumi about?’, my friend asked me. And I said, ‘Well…it is about this guy Kathir.’ I know I didn’t do it any justice, but I do feel Kirumi is the kind of movie that has to be watched, not described in a text message.

Kathir (Kathir) is an average guy, on the lookout for that one idea which will make successful. He comes across as brash and more than a little irresponsible (he mostly lives with his friends, ignoring his wife and baby; he might be having an affair; he doesn’t have a job). Prabakar (Charle) plays mentor/older brother to Kathir. He is an informer for the police, and with his help, Kathir starts doing odd jobs for the police – beating up suspects, locking up cars in No Parking zones. Prabakar keeps warning him, but the sense of being someone important, someone with power becomes too heady for Kathir, and he ends up rubbing a few people the wrong way.

Everybody seems to have some sort of a character arc in the movie. Prabakar’s wife, who is desperate to have a child. Kathir’s friend (Yogi Babu), who only wants to get married and make some money. He has a few funny lines, especially the scene where he says with a deadpan expression ‘Quarter 160 rooba’ got big laughs from the audience. Even the girl on the balcony whom Kathir was making a pass at makes a (very brief) appearance later. The policemen are all wonderful. They don’t go about yelling or speaking in punch lines, they are normal men trying to do a difficult job. Nobody is good or bad, life is too messy to clearly define boundaries. People fight, make up, disappoint each other, or exceed expectations.

Prabakar is probably the voice of conscience for Kathir (and therefore the film?). He tells us not to get involved in things beyond us and our small lives. We are just specks…or germs.

If I had to complain about something, I would like to mention the Sarakku song, but really, I’m just being picky. Oh, I liked Reshmi Menon as Kathir’s wife Anita. I could not spot a single line of hers where her lip movement did not match the dialogue, and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. We who watch Tamil movies are always grateful for small mercies.


6 thoughts on “Kirumi

  1. You liked Reshmi as Anita? That was the only sore point for me, somehow she is a little too urbane for the character – the painted kajal, which is of the expensive variety and not the ‘mai’ that is loaded on her eyes – and something else about her demeanour, it didn’t work for me. And this is not a big complaint, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and also her characterization: the way she gets irritated with him during the ‘child-might-fall-down-the-stairs’ scene was pure awesome. The way she is so fed up that she just looks at him with disppointment was beautiful. All the charatcers in the movie were so natural, that I felt that she was a little awakard in the milieu. But, the film in total worked for me very well.


    1. Hi! 😀 haven’t seen you in these parts for a while now.
      Yes, I liked Reshmi as Anita..didn’t even mind the eye makeup! In fact, she reminded me of someone I know, who works in sales at Health & Glow.. Oh hey I liked that scene too, I was so worried something awful would happen to the baby! I felt satisfied after watching Kirumi… So glad I didn’t try to get tickets for Puli 😛


      1. Hi to you too. Real life caught up with me, what to do! 😀

        Ah, so that is why you are ok with her. Somehow that salon perfected hair and made up eyes didn’t warm me towards her. I loved her in Inidhu Inidhu, though.

        Puli wasn’t so bad, it is like a badly made Disney movie which has bright ideas here and there with a bad screenplay and much more worse actors. But, seeing the memes in FB, one would think it is utterly disgusting. It wasn’t that bad as some other movies – say, Sura or Vettaikkaaran.


      2. I don’t feel inspired to watch it for some reason..I think I was turned off by the trailer and the Jingiliya song 😛 so I’m going against my usual tendencies and watching a couple of English movies this weekend, haha!

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    1. Hey I watched it a couple of weekends ago!
      Hmm I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I wasn’t quite as taken with it (as I expected to be). I found it too loud or musical or something…? And also, I found it a bit preachy, like they want to say everything using caps lock so we don’t miss anything. I loved all the characters though, and I especially liked the way every character was introduced.
      Also, while watching it in Sathyam, something went wrong five minutes before the end, and we waited about 20 minutes for the movie to resume! 😀 so my overall experience was a little lacking you could say.


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