Life Updates

Now that I’m unemployed (yet again), and my laptop has stopped working, I suddenly have more time than I strictly need. That is, I’m unable to watch movies (with alarming frequency) and season after season of American television shows. I get to come up with innovative ways to pass my time (no, I’m never bored). So I bake (using eggs) and drive my mother a tiny bit over the edge (adventurous, am I not?). I went and bought a book of Urdu poetry and felt very pretentious while doing so. In fact, I imagined everyone at the store looking at me with suspicion – “There goes an impostor.” But I’m enjoying the poetry (and before you think I am a brilliant polyglot, let me tell you the poems are in Hindi script in addition to the Urdu script, and the English translations are printed alongside). Also, I was wondering if this could mean I’ve evolved as a person. Then I thought, an evolved person wouldn’t be thinking that in the first place.

Did you hear there is going to be a letter writing contest? To use a cliche, letter writing is a dying art. (Is it already dead?) This makes me sad. I’ve always loved writing (and receiving) letters – cue *gasp*. And I’m the only such person I know (apart from a couple of people who agree to write back to me, of course). Isn’t there something calming about sitting down and choosing a pen to write with, and watching all those words pour out? What about the anticipation, and then the pleasure as you come back home to find a reply waiting to be read? Of course, I could message these very people on GTalk too (and would they be relieved I finally let go of my obsession?). I cannot believe how used we have all become to instant gratification. I was typing out a long email to a friend, and I was asked, Do people even do that anymore? This makes me sadder.

One of my pet projects of late involves asking unsuspecting friends and family members what they think success means. Turns out most people equate money with success. Some people seem to think you are successful if you are happy or if your career is on track. I am undecided as of now, seeing how I do not possess any of those things. Your feedback is welcome. 😀

12 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. Letter writing contest for children sounds fun. And success? Well, it’s the yardstick you measure yourself against – people have money, promotions at work, marriage, children, gold and what not. 🙂

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  2. I love letters too! When I started college, a friend and I, we decided to write letters to each other. It was the last actual letter I ever received. I still tend to write really looonnngggg emails (starting ‘hi xxx’ and ending love, madhu) to unsuspecting friends.

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  3. No, I am never bored.

    Good. Me too.

    Turns out most people equate money with success.

    Really? I would have thought that most people never admit that they equate money and success if asked a direct question. I never ask these questions but I often think people overthink the questions “What is Success?” and “What is Happiness?” and “What is beauty?” They get all “Pursuing your dream” and “Living to the fullest” and “Eye of the beer holder” on us.

    So what is Success?

    There is a small rule of thumb I came up with years ago. If you meet someone you knew 10 years back and are not afraid of the question “So how has life been treating you?” then you are a success. If you need to hem and haw and pretend to have a bus to catch, then you are not a success. A small assumption is that this person you are meeting is a nice person not someone who you would want to avoid.

    So what is Happiness?

    Stuff that make you smile.

    So what is Beauty?

    Stuff that deserves a second look.

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    1. Hehe maybe because I know these people, they were comfortable with giving a direct answer. I get annoyed with those pithy one liners actually.

      I’m going to think about what you said.. ‘So how has life been treating you?’ When someone asks me this question, and if this someone is a person I think is doing well for themselves (i.e., they seem to have their stuff sorted?), I find my confidence dipping a little (even though I’m fine on the outside, and I would have convinced them that I am indeed fine). I’m trying to work on this.

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