Trying out a tanka

In college, I experimented with distancing myself from the nerd tag that had followed me around for a long time by then. It was fun while it lasted, but apparently, I am a nerd. I decided to stop fighting it. I like to read and learn. I wish somebody would pay me to learn anything that catches my fancy. It could be origami today and gardening tomorrow. (Also, this job does not exist.)

Ever since I learnt what a tanka is, I have been enamoured of* it. What’s not to like? It is a poem in five lines, following a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable pattern. You would think that makes it easy to write. (Not really.) So here is a tanka I wrote, the first of many atrocious ones to follow:

symbols of comfort

bed, table, wardrobe, clothes

the heavy still air

betrays some humidity

from the tears absorbed all day

P.S. Does enamoured of sound wrong to you too? I found out I’ve been wrong all along, it is enamoured by and enamoured with that are incorrect usages of the word. Okay…The Internet knows best. What can I say, La langue anglaise est très étrange. [Now I’m just showing off – must be a hangover from watching The Walk.] 😀

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