Top 3

I’ve decided I’m going to talk about three of my all time favourite songs. And I mean all time, because I really cannot imagine a time when I didn’t know or love these songs.

Here we go then.

Chikku Bukku Raile from Gentleman 

I don’t know about you, but I was quite fascinated with Prabhu Deva’s eyes shooting arrows. I couldn’t understand much of what was being sung, but I remember thinking that listening to the song felt like being on a train. And I also liked the baggy pants with one grey leg and one white.

Petta Rap from Kadhalan

Legend has it that this was the first song I managed to memorize. Questioning some family members reveals key information: they say I spent an entire train journey from Tuticorin to Chennai rapping (reciting?) it over and over again. I still know all the lyrics, of course. I only wish I could list this as a skill on my resume.

No Problem No Problem from Love Birds

The sad truth is, I’ve never met another person who enjoys this song, though I can’t imagine why. I was never able to find out what Blaaze sings(?), but that “Nooooo Problem, No Problem” refrain was/is ridiculously catchy! No?  Okay, no problem.

I’m somewhat mortified to divulge this kind of information, but I believe my true loves deserve their own post. Isn’t it interesting to observe that all the songs are composed by A.R.Rahman, and feature Prabhu Deva? Oh I liked Prabhu Deva very much indeed, for his seemingly impossible feats of acrobatics; but my heart lay with Arjun. Yes, the patriotic and noble Arjun.  (Don’t laugh yet!) My most prized possession used to be a toy rifle – no doubt, modelling myself after the Action King himself. The funny thing is, I never try to go on YouTube and watch these songs. I wait for when they happen to be on the radio or TV, surprising me. I don’t want to give up on that momentary euphoria, yet.

What would you think if I said Samba Samba (also from Lovebirds) almost made it to the list? I shall stop now.


12 thoughts on “Top 3

  1. It is almost always better to write an offbeat list of unique songs rather than a society-approved list of karuthu paadal.

    I totally enjoyed prabhudeva’s dance in all the songs even before his chikku bukku fame.

    I do have samba samba in my ipad list. And come on o kamatchi. It is great when the songs get you unawares.

    But as life went on I knew that I just have to Google my song choice as TV is just not going to be my friend anymore.

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