Hello 2016!

I’m glad 2015 has come to an end, it wasn’t particularly a great year for me. I remember saying this about 2014. (And 2013 and 2012.)

I want this to be the year in which I get what I want when I want it. I know I’m probably being greedy, but it doesn’t hurt to demand, right?

About a week ago, I came to know that something I wrote has been published in The Madras Mag. The Editor was kind enough to ask me if I thought the edits were alright. (What edits? Talk to me when I’m done with my Happy Egyptian Dance!) The self-promotion might have made it evident – I haven’t been able to use the words “something I wrote” and “published” in the same sentence before.

Of course, reading it again now makes me cringe. So I would like to defend the story to myself by saying I only put down in words the Gautham Menon-esque visuals in my head. I had initially planned it as a series of posts, describing a relationship at different stages and from different angles, but I kept putting it off until I forgot what I meant to write.

Thank you for continuing to visit my blog. *clink* Here’s to a happy year!


2 thoughts on “Hello 2016!

  1. Today I went through your old posts. Great ones. I notice that you have stopped writing about restaurants in Chennai.
    I also saw that article that was eventually published. That was a great one. See, short story writing is there in you. I told you so.

    No arguments that it is not a short story. It can be.

    Happy 2016.


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    1. Hey! Thank you and wish you a happy year ahead too! 🙂
      I don’t read my old posts (I find them too embarrassing).
      I’ve been meaning to start writing again on all the different restaurants I try out – visited a number of new places. My excuse is laziness. Hopefully I’ll be more prompt this year. 😀


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