One serving of undercooked philosophy

The solitary grey hair seems to have brought about contemplation.

Marking time with birthdays and anniversaries, I found it in clocks and calendars, distilled into numbers. But what if I measured time in experiences, memories, people? Would I feel younger and richer?



21 thoughts on “One serving of undercooked philosophy

  1. Nice one!
    Agree, time has done wonderful things to my personality, self esteem, sense of humor etc. I’d rather use these than maybe calendars to mark its passage 😀

    I too had a slightly different (and somewhat emotional take) on birthdays in my latest post. Do read and let me know what you think


    1. Yay thank you!!
      You have reminded me that I still have to watch the third season of OITNB. Just got done with Narcos and House of Cards 😀 (making good use of Netflix’s arrival in India as you can see)

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