Puny man, running, in a hurry to get to the top, where he thinks he can find more of everything.

What if he stopped for a second? Would he hear the vulture perched on the highest branch? You are no use alive.


23 thoughts on “Greed

    1. A friend of mine said the same thing. She said she felt a bit annoyed by how abstract I was trying to be 😀
      I don’t want to explain my thought process, but maybe you could tell me what you thought of it after reading the post at Yeah Write, which provides a basis for the micro story (click on the Yeah Write logo).


  1. The moral I can get but when u said “You are no use alive” I was thinking why a Puny man going to think like that?? or is it someone telling him that he has nothing to lose right? Google says puny means weak (That ‘yeah write site is blocked in my concern) 🙂


      1. Woah Woah Woah… Finallly.. Got it!!!1 🙂
        Sabbaaaaa. I read it few times to get that.. #Mudiyala.. Nice
        but why u use the word puny man??


      2. Simple mattera.. Ippudi pottu.. U have written it complexity ya.. My understanding was where u go there ll be someone above u, but my friend says Some s is there which will exploit him so if he stops for a sec he can see 😂😂😂


  2. I thought this was powerful and poetic. I love the imagery of a vulture watching our hectic lives while we’re oblivious to it.


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