Egalitarian toilets

Take a look at the picture below.


For your reference:

  • By Executives, I mean Men. And by Men, I mean Men With a Cabin, as opposed to men with cubicles (or not even that).
  • If you want to know why there isn’t any space for executives who are women, that is because there aren’t any executives who are women. Is the Glass Ceiling that everyone likes to refer to actually made of concrete? (Oh, is that why women can’t seem to break it?)

Why does this connection between bowel movements and power structure exist?

What are we being told when an organization decides to segregate toilets based on hierarchy?

  • Executives’ time is precious – they need their own stall because they could be making millions in minutes. They didn’t get this far to wait for their turn behind the errand boy.
  • What if there is high human traffic on a given day and the toilet isn’t left in the best of conditions? Must an executive be made to witness the unhygienic habits of lesser individuals?
  • Or this is probably a motivational tool of sorts. Imagine being stuck on the wrong side of the door with a bladder ready to burst, that might be the day you decide to work towards the Top Toilet. A little aspiration is good for you.

Are you familiar with what the picture suggests? Does this arrangement exist at your place of work (too)?


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