It will take you 2 minutes 16 seconds to read this

As though it weren’t obvious enough by now, I want to state that I love to write. No, not the lofty concept of writing, but the act of writing. This obsession to write things down can be traced back to the time my parents gave me a slate with a green border, and some chalk pieces. I copied out everything I could see.

Have your school teachers told you how writing once is better than reading the same text ten times? I am not sure if I took that to heart, but that is how I studied. (Though I wasn’t making any actual efforts to study better.) My right hand would write down all the words I was reading, as I was reading them. I can’t say if this helped me in remembering complex equations, but it gave me a satisfaction that is hard to replicate.

This is why I take a notepad to meetings and write ‘2/7/2016 Meeting with EFG 10:30 AM’ in my best cursive handwriting. This is also why I have a notebook at home which I fill with mundane details. Lists, errands, recipes that were successful and alterations to recipes that weren’t.

While discussing with a friend about reading reject letters from editors, it occurred to me that I do not have much experience dealing with that kind of emotion. I realize that in spite of all this writing that goes on everyday, I feel uncomfortable calling myself a writer. Surely, that isn’t me. And so I don’t send my work to numerous literary magazines and wait anxiously for replies, and I don’t feel too bad when one or two write back saying they can’t feature me in their monthly issue. And I think, “That’s alright, I wasn’t expecting you to anyway.” This is not to say I am an overly modest person (hah), just that I don’t take myself too seriously. Or maybe I operate (unknowingly) on a principle of No Expectations No Disappointments. (Wait a minute, am I fooling myself into thinking I have no expectations, so as to shield myself from disappointments?) Ah, don’t mind me.

And because you have patiently read the preceding paragraphs, I am going to reward you with a little more of talking about myself. A blog post of mine (Speaking in tongues) was published in thREAD, and you can read it here. If you have already read my post and don’t wish to refresh your memory, I understand; and in order to save you five minutes, I would like to mention that the version in thREAD is longer and better looking, and has a couple of nice introductory lines as well (which I didn’t write).

P.S. I am more excited than what the last paragraph reveals.


2 thoughts on “It will take you 2 minutes 16 seconds to read this

    1. Thank you!
      You’ve been visiting this blog the longest I think – thank you for being a constant encouragement, and for preventing me from thinking I’m sending my posts into a black hole. 🙂

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