Years to go

I want to be a fabulous old woman.

A woman who doesn’t dye her white hair black or brown or red, a woman who pulls up errant children by their ears and makes them brush their teeth after they eat chocolate, a woman who asksΒ young ones to go on mad adventures, to fall in love and enjoy the drowning, to collect people the way others collect stamps, a woman who tells you of the time she jumped off the balcony -it really wasn’t that high- a woman who wears her eccentricity like a scarf around her neck, a woman with a wardrobe full of curiosities -clothes and earrings and books from all over the world, gifts from friends who have long disappeared, souvenirs from flames extinguished- a woman whose body is wrinkled, soft and hard in different places from years of use, a woman who cooks for those she adores meals that warm hearts and stomachs, a woman who tells others off for being scared and for being unkind.

I want to be a fabulous old woman now.


26 thoughts on “Years to go

  1. You can never hear a middle aged aunty anxious to be old, only the green-behind-the-ear dears are in a hurry. πŸ˜›

    Just kidding. I am sure you’d be the super cool old lady (with or without cats)

    I am surprised how the varied the attitude towards the young-at-heart uncles can be. Some are eager to get to know them, while many others are suspicious.

    Personally I am like Blackadder in this quote

    If I don’t think of something, tomorrow we die – which I have to tell you, Baldrick, I have no intention of doing! I want to be young and wild, and then I want to be middle-aged and rich, and then I want to be old and annoy people by pretending that I’m going deaf!

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  2. Hey Anu! Each one of your yeahwrite submissions leave me wanting more. I guess there’s a word limit for yeahwrite and you’re taking them as writing exercises which is why these are short. But, given that you’re able to weave such imagery & vivid characters in so little words, I’m eager to see you write a story. For example, this girl you describe who wants to become an old woman “now” is a fascinating character. I’d love to see what she does next, does she do anything about wanting to become an old woman?

    While it’s great to read such concise thought portraits, I’d love it if you take them a step further and weave a story out of them. It’ll help us see these characters in motion and love them even more! You’re good with the short laps, now go for a marathon! πŸ˜›

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    1. Hi RamC! Thank you for the thoughtful comment.
      Sometimes I feel like an idea is complete in a few words itself. For instance, I may not have anything to add about this young woman.
      But I see what you mean – I should try writing longer stories. I don’t think I can write fiction very well, or even well enough, I’m always embarrassed by that.


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