Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – a romance that wants to be an action movie (or vice versa?)

I am a bit late to the party, a little over three months to be precise, but I have finally caught up with GVM’s filmography – which is to say I watched Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada (AYM).

AYM is a rehash GVM’s pet topics, and presents itself as a mishmash of two genres – the cute romance and the action thriller, the love child of Vinnathaandi Varuvaayaa Β and Kaakha Kaakha if you will. It checks off everything:

  • Young man who has the best relationship with his family – in fact, said young man’s parents aren’t even insistent he works after his MBA. He hangs around with his friends, playing carrom and mouthing off philosophy that sounds silly.
  • Good looking young woman whom the aforementioned young man sees in a saree and promptly falls in love. Young woman is always classy, impulsive, and speaks in low tones. She wants to become a scriptwriter but we never find out what becomes of this dream.
  • That thing he does with the songs, where people start singing in the middle of montage sequences.
  • An evil policeman and other assorted evil dudes who effect the transformation from boy to man, making sure we get some more philosophy in the process – about the surprises life throws at us, and how we have to be ready for anything anytime, so on, so forth.

It includes some other strange things too:

  • An accident involving a monster truck, a couple on a motorcycle, and a love song – the reasoning is that, as this young man lay on the road fighting for his life, he realizes his love for the young woman. Hence we jump to shots of them deliriously jumping even as they are thrown about from the impact.
  • A running joke about the leading man’s name, which is really not funny at all. By the time we reach the climax, he could be named Chitti 2.0 for all we care.
  • The monologue to beat all monologues from all the earlier movies combined – a tedious twenty minute explainer video on what happened after the interval.
  • Young unmarried heterosexual couple finding accommodation anywhere in Tamil Nadu with ease – if you discover how this can be done, please write in. This is very important.

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada is that GVM movie which makes you think you are watching a GVM spoof.


10 thoughts on “Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada – a romance that wants to be an action movie (or vice versa?)

  1. Kizhichu Thoranam Kattite GVM-a! I didn’t really care for AYM but I wonder how I tolerated it more than how you have seemed to! It may be because I truly, sincerely think that Simbhu can be a damn fine actor if he wants to and I keep hoping against hope that idho…idho…idho varudhu andha classic! After Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, I think Vaanam is the one other movie that I really liked him in…


    1. πŸ˜€ Maybe STR is the Salman Khan of Tamil cinema. I’ve never been a fan though, even if VTV showed him in a different way. Speaking of VTV, didn’t the self-referencing annoy you?


  2. Yes this was one of the movies that I couldn’t sit through. Watched it on Tentkotta and needed multiple breaks. The genre was neither here nor there. First half rehash of VTV and second half couldn’t understand what was going on and to top it all GVM wanted a twist at the end. I think he has seriously run out of script ideas. So many shootings on the same night that too in India with so many people around. Other than songs, nothing was great about the movie. Had high hopes due to the songs. May be we should be grateful that heroine wasn’t mouthing dialogue such as I want to make luvvv to you.

    Yeah let’s find out in which village they let unknown strangers and that too an obviously unmarried couple stay for a night πŸ™‚

    Even a 2 hr road trip without a proper place for potty break for my 5 yr old was difficult. He refused to go in a toilet at a roadside cafe and unfortunately he had to go by the roadside. How do people manage long bike trips in India?

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  3. GVM writes movies like how we make up stories in a half sleep stupor when about to doze off but when I am awake I prefer that things make sense.

    Take Minalea for instance. Reema Sen and Abaas are a couple who are about to get married and she is somehow not shown a picture of him. The whole movie hinges on these apparently tech-savvy urbane people not scanning a picture of Abass and sending it to her as “Maapilai Photo”. This does not happen. This does not make sense. That perfect park in the middle of nowhere did not make sense either.

    And VTV made perfect sense. Trisha is attracted to Simbu but not enough to make sacrifices. When confronted by the tidal wave that is his affection, she mildly wishes that it is somehow possible to marry him. However, she is just not that passionate person, she just warms up a little in the presence of heat, but is naturally a colder person. Moreover, Simbu does not know the real Trisha. He never bothers to know her. He is too much in love with being in love to actually know the girl. Simbu does not even like the real Trisha let alone love her. Thank goodness they don’t end up together.

    GVM can be a good writer if he wants to be. However he interupts himself with fancy stuff.

    Also, I used to say that GVM women are just a single individual woman played by different actresses. Calm, collected and all that. But these sophisticated urbane women are similar only on the surface. V1000’s Divya Spandana character and NEPV’s Nithya are actually very different in the way they pursue their men.

    Honestly he should lay off action movies. It is just not his thing, IMO.

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    1. I liked Minnale the first time. Subsequently, I find it very very cringe-inducing. Now when I think about it, I cannot understand why I liked it that one time. πŸ™‚
      Great comment as always!


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