1080x1080 VOTY Awards_060817-short blog post3It turns out I am one of the Voices Of The Year at this year’s BlogHer conference. It wasn’t a miracle – I submitted a few of my blog posts and somebody liked what they read. I am almost embarrassed to admit how much I’m looking forward to attending the conference in Orlando later this week.

But the excitement brings with it a small helping of shame. I wrote about my grief, and this brought me recognition, which leaves me feeling uncomfortable. I mined my loss for attention.

Maybe if my grandmother were around, she would ask me to just enjoy myself.


5 thoughts on “#BlogHer17

  1. Congratulations, Anusha! This is a very well-deserved honor. Be proud of yourself and enjoy your trip!

    “I mined my loss for attention.”
    –> I don’t think you have to look at it that way. Writing can be a very effective tool for one to express her true emotions, be it happiness, excitement, surprise or grief. I have routinely written about people that have left me. It is because their thoughts don’t leave me and I feel much lighter when I let those thoughts flow from mind to pen to paper – okay, to keyboard to monitor! A few weeks back, I wrote a piece called, “Ode to the written word.” In that write-up, I had mentioned the following:
    “One of my articles which had a bit of a therapeutic value for me was my piece on grieving that I wrote following my Aunt’s passing away last year. I started the piece knowing that I just wanted to vent about my grief but by the time I ended it, I had, to an extent, come to peace with myself. My last line of that piece went, “The show is over. But the highlights will continue to play…” It is a line that I am glad that I wrote. Because it helps me reconcile to the fact that I will see my Aunt only in my mind’s eye, for the rest of my life.”

    As long as I genuinely express my feelings, I believe that I reserve the right to dwell on my own pain. And I sincerely believe that you should think that way too. If it resonates with people, then it only means that certain feelings are universal. You didn’t “mine” your loss – you shared a lovely piece on it, thereby making people think of their own loss(es).

    Have a great trip! And congrats, once again.

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