Keeping you updated, the August edition

August has been a slow month.

Time stretched itself out in excruciating ways. I remember every hour moving past me in all its sloth-like glory. It was also a month of some disappointments, and a search for self-worth that wasn’t always successful. Even if my privilege supports my unemployment, I miss the validation and confidence that earning brings. Self-motivation is certainly one of my skills, but I do have my moments of crisis, especially when I try to answer Big Picture Questions lodged in my mind.

Forgive me for being despondent, I have good news too: YeahWrite interviewed me for their Who’s on Fourth series, where they get to know better one member of the YeahWrite community, on the fourth Monday of each month. You can read it here.

My writing course starts in less than ten days, some of my work that was accepted might be out in digital corners as well. Be sure to check the Published page occasionally; you might have read all of it before, it appeared here first.

September promises to be better.


4 thoughts on “Keeping you updated, the August edition

  1. Woo hoo, Writing course.

    You really should take writing more seriously. I know that writing for a living intimidates you, but as you know, when it does work out, it is a charm. Not saying it is easy. It is more difficult than most professions but have you considered it seriously?

    BTW, I am not the sort of person who says “You should be a writer” and “You should be a singer” to every person in the name of compliments. 😀

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    1. Hehe. On most days, I think it would be premature to call myself a writer. With time though, I have gathered some courage to send my work out to more magazines, and I wouldn’t have thought this possible when I started the blog. Small but sure steps..getting there.

      Thanks for all the encouragement from the beginning. 🙂

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  2. You are an awesome writer and I have often wondered why you aren’t doing it for a living. Your writing is very visual in a sense that I can visualize the stuff you are writing about:) Wishing you all the very best with your new adventure. Will miss your funny office stories though!

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    1. Thank you! For continuing to read and engage with what I write.
      Haha, the office stories were both terrible and funny. I’m greedy: even as I experience unpleasantness, I like to collect the moments for later, when I can hopefully write a story about it. I shall miss the office stories in that sense as well. 😀


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