Don’t tell anyone, he whispers, as Victor touches him.

Impatient, cautious. 

Victor has known men like him before. They meet online, then in person. They leave their wife and children at home. Men attempting to live preordained lives, in a country that aims to persecute.


6 thoughts on “Camouflage

    1. Thank you for saying that!
      The prompt for this one was quite challenging: “I live among you well disguised.”
      There were a few rules we had to follow when incorporating the prompt:

      I – a character, not necessarily the narrator

      live among you – an ongoing action involving several other characters at least

      well disguised – a deception physical or spiritual, that the other characters don’t know about but that the lone character knows about and the reader can identify.

      I thought maybe my writing wasn’t effective enough..


  1. While I can see the challenge of a good story within a prompt, I can relate to it in a “I can see how it feels” way. I have been thinking about writing about homosexuality but I am not able to get around to it yet.

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