Author: anusrini20

Television: A recap for March

I've been meaning to write about the television shows I've watched in the recent past. This list isn't complete, but it is my hope that I will write more often once I get started. Here we go then, without further delay. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel … Continue reading Television: A recap for March


An American Marriage

This week, I read An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. I was a bit worried going into this novel, I didn't want to feel underwhelmed after all the hype. I needn't have worried - I read it late into the night, without pause. I couldn't bear … Continue reading An American Marriage

The Routine

Maria wakes up and walks to the kitchen to make tea. Maybe she'll scramble some eggs. She sees him standing there and smiles at him. Not a particularly warm smile - she never masks her mild contempt. They insist he died three years ago, but … Continue reading The Routine