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In search of emotion

It was a surprise, but I woke up from a dream in which I had killed someone. A quiet murder, not messy at all. What methods did I resort to? Like all murderers too clever for their own good, I suspect it was a poison … Continue reading In search of emotion


Here’s an unnecessary update

There is no reason for me to be writing this, after insisting at every opportunity that I have nothing to say, that the redundancy of my Thoughts is only too apparent. Voice confrontation exists for the written word too. The digital space certainly does not … Continue reading Here’s an unnecessary update


The devout go about their business, motorcyclists appear out of nowhere, people do not use public toilets with care, and then blame those consigned to clean after them, radio jockeys continue talking nonsense, middle aged women watch everyone and hold on to culture. Coming back … Continue reading Returning